DynamicLocator Offers a Powerful Tool to Map Interior Spaces

The DynamicLocator tool is a multifaceted mapping product that can be applied to many industries. In this article we will be discussing some of the general approaches for using the DynamicLocator to map interior spaces and any custom venues. 

The software behind the DynamicLocator has the same mapping engine used by our other jQueryMaps solutions, adapted to work with irregular floor plans and layouts. The robust engine gives you the ability to customize and expand on any project in the future. This means you can start your project small and add complexity without any penalization. Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.41.32 PM

The system is straightforward and works with a set of javascript files and XML feeds (plain XML or dynamic pages that query a database and return the corresponding XML feed). It makes use of the graphic engine and canvas object offered in HTML5 to provide a solution compatible across all browsers and devices. The best part of the solution is that we fully build the map for you, delivering a completely functional and supported solution that will only need to be installed on your website.

Jumer's Casino and HotelThe process is quite simple. Just send us a vector graphic, AutoCAD file or high-resolution image, and we will process the layout to produce the floor plan in an XML format compatible with our engine. In the process you can identify all objects that you want to activate on the map. These can be rooms, or objects within rooms, seating arrangements, or just about any space. Each of these objects should include an ID that will then be used to populate information in real-time from any external XML file or database. If your layouts change with high-frequency, we can also produce a custom reader that will read your graphic files on your servers without needing to come through us.

Cemetery_Map_DynamicLocatorWhat can the DynamicLocator do? Well, in reality it can map interior spaces, all custom areas and just about anything. We have create projects that include ski resorts, hospitals, Formula 1 race circuits, stadiums, warehouse, casinos and much more! These can be multi-level projects with different categories of objects, information and icons. To add to the interactiveness of your map, add a system of filters so that users can easily navigate to a particular location and highlight areas that contain this type of result. This is great for quick searches and locating content quickly in the project.

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