Take off with a Map of Countries for the Travel Industry

Using a responsive map of countries as an interactive component of your website is a great first consideration when enhancing your user interface. Maps provide aesthetically pleasing and practical solutions for company managers and general visitors seeking information about travel routes, departure locations, schedules or any other data components associated with traveling. Maps can also include any necessary levels of detail, including World maps divided by Continents and Countries down to street level detail in specific cities using OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. The software is robust, highly flexible and designed so that it can be self-managed from your company servers. 

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Create Map with Google Photo Sphere for Enhanced User Interaction

The ability to embed videos and images within jQuery pop-up boxes is a standard feature of our mapping solutions. They provide tools that enable users to interact with the maps on many levels. Most often the interactive content is displayed when icons are selected within stylized pop-up boxes in which Images can be represented as thumbnails or they can display within a slideshow for a more professional arrangement. The underlying goal is to give users a real experience with the map and the information being conveyed in the project. With Google Photo Sphere you can now take this interaction to the next level to create map with images that feel as if you were really part of the landscape. Taking and uploading the images is very simple and does not take any technical knowledge. This new enhancement can be added to your map by our technicians through one of our existing support packs. 

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interactive county maps

US County Map to Aid in Locating your Top Hospitals

Hospitals can be as varied as the patients that visit them. There are many benefits to a system of hospitals that provide individualized care, specializing in the type of treatment needed by patients. In a recent project, a US COUNTY MAP was applied to provide a geographic tool to display hospital locations and interact with dynamic data through a system of filters. The tool was created specifically for the North Carolina Hospital Association, however the same layout and general functionality can be expanded to other regions of the Country. Learn about the benefits interactive software can provide visitors.

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Satellite Industry Connects with jQuery World Map with Countries

Satellites are the unseen generators that sustain our modern digital world. Key components of our defense strategy, global communications and real-time information rely on satellite connections and vast networks they provide as they orbit the earth. These networks underpin our society and have become an extension of our national borders, protected as carefully as any physical boundary. As the number of satellites grow and reliance on their services increases, tools may become necessary to presenting information regarding identifying scheduled maintenances, real-time coverage and confirmation of general status for each satellite. A World Map with Countries can serve as a visual portal to plot specific satellites on a map and provide detailed information for each location through a series of filters and pop-up boxes. 

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Historic Travel Simplified with an Attractive Map of the States

Interactive maps provide the perfect platform for displaying locations and useful information to visitors. The US holds a lot of pride in its historical past and in particular the events and battles that defined both the War of Independence and the US Civil War. Consolidating the information and linking each battle and historical event to a location on a map of the states creates an influential tool for scholars, tourists and avid historians alike. As part of a recent project, jQueryMaps partnered with a media company to provide an interactive map designed for use within a website as a tool visible to the general public. The project combines several mapping layers and navigation options down to the street level to assure visitors have the necessary resources to capture overview glimpses of landmark events along with tools to plan their next visit. 

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