Discover New Approaches to Using Data-Driven Map Software

In the custom solutions offered by jQueryMaps, the map interface offers an intuitive method of displaying complex data structures. We are all familiar with maps as ubiquitous navigation tools, guiding us through our daily tasks and avoiding undesired surprises along our commutes. However, well-crafted map software, powered by location data offers a powerful insight that can be used by company administration and policymakers to advance meaningful agendas and grounds on which to base important decisions. The map software is often the final window through which location data is analyzed to better understand any number of activities that surround our daily lives. 

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Interactive World Map of Countries

Unusual and Dynamic Interactive World Maps of Countries

There are many circumstances under which a company, organization or government entity would want to create a dynamic map on which to project information to users. Often the goal is to link maps to extensive databases in order to visualize and interpret complex information. Some projects are more unique than others and interactive world maps created by jQueryMaps have the flexibility to meet the requirements of all clients, in an optimized, highly custom mapping solution. In the article below, we will look at some of the projects that have been proposed over the years that include varying levels of customization on a world scale. The particular features of each map depend on the type of information available and the overall goal of the project. 

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Make a Sure Bet with jQueryMaps Interior Mapping Software

As connectivity more prevalent across varying sectors of our economy, tools to visualize and interact with these connections are increasingly important. Taking this requirement and merging it with highly adaptive interior mapping software is a compelling solution for any commercial real-estate owners or property management companies. jQueryMaps provides a full-circle solution that works with clients to get their ideas off the ground and supports them throughout the launch of the project. Our highly sophisticated, yet customizable software provides the framework for taking 2D imagery of any interior space or exterior campus and converting it into interactive layered maps. 

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US Map States and Zip Codes for Superior Websites and Apps

When planning the next enhancement to your company website, a powerful tool to include is an interactive us map states with sub-level navigation. A static map has its limitations to filter information and provide specific content to users, however software that enables users to drill down through several levels, offers important advantages. The most common sub-divisions included with custom mapping software are zip code divisions, given their common use to assign territories, locate vendors and general familiarity to users. Discover the benefits that multi-layer maps can offer to your business and web presence.

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interior mapping software

Building Management Tools with Indoor Mapping Software

Software that enables management groups to improve efficiency, anticipate problems and run scheduled maintenance on buildings and facilities, is crucial to the economic successfulness of the property. jQueryMaps has unique solutions that incorporate interior mapping with advanced dynamic data to project many aspects of your business on a fully interactive map. The system would be developed to the needs of specific clients and accommodate the necessary flexibility for managers to update content and data with complete independence through a series of administrative tools. The ability to show changes immediately on the map is core to the success of the maps and administrative tools in general.

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