The Many Advantages to Scaling Icons on a Map of the States

Markers are used to define specific points on the map, whether they be addresses, cities, zip codes or any other location associated to a unique geographical location. In large scale projects including a map of the States or World maps, it is recommended to organize locations by levels to avoid over-cluttering the map. Icons can also be sorted into different categories if there are multiple datasets driving a project, but the limits don’t stop there. An easy way to convey two pieces of information in a single view is to arrange icons by categories and also expand said icons based on the information associated to them. This provides users with interactive icons that instantly tell what category a location belongs to and how important it is to a specific dataset.

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What’s your Map of States Style? New projections Available!

Everyone has their own particular style and the same goes for our new projections, available with any map of states cartography. Whether you are a company owner, web-designer, developer, or just a curious browser, your input is very important to us. Just as you have an opinion about the combination of shoes that you wear, the same will be true for the map you would like to see displayed on your website. Each projection has its advantages and particular features and we welcome a discussion on the topic.

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create and edit a map

Export Tool to Make a Map for Business Presentations

Web-based mapping solutions don’t always combine well to offer great presentation tools for business professional requiring the ability to make a map. The dynamic side of the map is designed to be streamlined and highly optimized to run efficiently on all web devices and wireless networks. Traditionally these maps are products that get embedded in the HTML of a website or intranet and would be used to transmit information primarily to viewers of the specific page on which the map was hosted. However, in many circumstances there is also a need to include highly visual static maps as part of presentation material, whether used in PowerPoint presentations or slideshows. These alternative types of maps require some of the data included in the dynamic maps with the ability to also include informative static headers and footers.

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travel map of the us states

Interactive Map of the US States to Guide your Summer Travels

With summer upon us many are enthusiastically planning their summer vacations and retreats from the bustle of everyday life. We all cherish these moments to unwind, rest and reconnect with family and friends or even seek adventure. With this thought in mind, we wanted to share some projects that have benefited from a map of the US states within the tourism industry, applying many different types of cartography and software functionality. We will discuss some of the interesting developments that we encountered along our development path.

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country map with special divisions

Better Analyze Business with Custom Territories on a Country Map

Companies work with many different types of territories according to their industry and business activity. As such, not all companies can work with standard cartography divisions on a Country map. In many such cases, custom territories are built based on a number of grouped sub-divisions such as Counties, Zip Codes, Census Tracts or any other standard administrative division. These custom territory maps offer a powerful tool to analyze company business activity, revenue streams and incoming business based on maps that can be shared among all staff within the website or intranet. As the data displayed on the map, including color coding of areas and total values are pulled from a database, the system works in real-time updating instantly as information is changed in the tables. These custom multi-level territory projects are a great resource for companies of all sizes and the tool once built provides all of the flexibility needed to manage changed internally.

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