Historic Travel Simplified with an Attractive Map of the States

Interactive maps provide the perfect platform for displaying locations and useful information to visitors. The US holds a lot of pride in its historical past and in particular the events and battles that defined both the War of Independence and the US Civil War. Consolidating the information and linking each battle and historical event to a location on a map of the states creates an influential tool for scholars, tourists and avid historians alike. As part of a recent project, jQueryMaps partnered with a media company to provide an interactive map designed for use within a website as a tool visible to the general public. The project combines several mapping layers and navigation options down to the street level to assure visitors have the necessary resources to capture overview glimpses of landmark events along with tools to plan their next visit. 

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Map Software Tools for Clean Water Management and Testing

The importance of a trusted system to test, control and guarantee the cleanliness of US drinking water is in the headlines. There is significant concern over tainted water in Flint Michigan due to wrongful polluting and outdated piping networks that supply dangerous levels of lead contamination in the community’s drinking water. This issue is not isolated to just Flint, and unfortunately is prevalent in many regions of the US, in part due to lack of oversight, but also to faulty management tools. jQueryMaps has recently partnered with a company from Oregon to create a map software to plot drinking water test locations and via a custom admin tool, input and control ongoing tests. The tool is responsive, intuitive to use and supports the company’s current data for a seamless integration into their intranet. The potential of using these types of graphical tools with large data samples offer a solution to locate polluted water as a first step to curb the problem. 

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Create a Map with Interactive Rep Territories for your Company

An important use of interactive web-based maps is to display rep territories for companies. Built on HTML5 code and JavaScript, the software is designed to create a map or multiple maps with specific contact information, as well as the ability to manage the information as regions shift and data changes. This flexibility is a core feature of the product that permits companies to run and maintain the maps entirely on their own, without monthly fees or ongoing technical maintenance requirements. Changing content on any level is a snap and can be conducted in minutes. 

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Rolling the Dice on an Interactive Casino Map!

As the economy grows more confidently and the shadows of the recession of 2008 fall further behind us, casinos, like all other entertainment components of the economy, are eager to start moving their chips again. Casino construction is on the increase again and tourism to major destinations like Las Vegas is steadily surging. Combining this wave of optimism with an increase in vistor technological savviness, makes for a great platform on which to introduce an custom-built interactive casino map for all major venues. Sophisticated mapping software connected to real-data from a casino’s databases offers a powerful tool for vistors and managers alike.

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Expand your Digital Reach with a World Map of Countries

Building maps in HTML5 gives the possibility to create responsive mapping software to expand beyond just a single Country. A carefully designed World Map of Countries serves to define a business’s primary US presence, while also underlining its important international reach through offices, partnerships and agents. In order to take advantage of world maps, companies do not need to have locations in all Countries or even continents. World maps outline countries, but easily scale to focus on areas that specifically contain information. This important feature, empowers companies to display content for areas where they have a presence, while not drawing attention to unnecessary areas of the map. 

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