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Our goal is to provide you with the best mapping solution possible. All of our technologies have been developed in house from scratch, thus allowing us to custom tailor every project to meet each customer's exact needs.

We stand behind all of our products, and provide you with top-notch support which is second to none in the industry. Wait hours, not days, to hear back from expert technicians regarding any issue.

Don't face an endless maze of telephone menus. Just call us toll free at 1-866-392-0071 or write us at support@jquerymaps.com for immediate one-to-one support. We love working with people and feel that you will enjoy working with us too!

We feel comfortable working with companies of any size. Our clients include everything from Fortune-10 corporations to small startup companies, or even home businesses. Check out our client list if you want to know who is already benefiting from our products.

Team Main Milestones
1996Release of our first map server for the Internet (client/server architecture).
1998World's first VML (XML) Map Server.
1999World's first Flash Map Server. World's first tile-based server. This architecture was implemented six years later by all the leading mapping services like Google's, Yahoo's, etc.
2000World's first city map service using Flash technology.
2002World's first MMS Map for Mobile Technology.
2003Full US coverage and the birth of the Flashmaps Company.
2004Release of FindMe! Flashmaps first official solution: FindMe! Dynamic (extensions for Dreamweaver).
2005Launch of the acclaimed mapping solutions DB Mapper and AreaSelector.
2006Relevant partnership agreements; AreaSelector new areas and functionalities; major improvements on DB Mapper.
2007Major improvements on AreaSelector; custom projects for remarkable companies.
2008Launch of DynamicLocator, our mapping solution for relatively small areas like conference venues, ski resorts, etc.
2009Up to 20% out of the Fortune-50 companies are already using Flashmaps mapping solutions.
2010AreaSelector new major release with relevant performance improvement and new key features.
2011Custom projects for Federal Agencies and other large organizations; jQueryMaps main development (version 1.0 released by the end of the year).
2012Migration of existing Flash-based map clients to jQueryMaps; 30% out of the Fortune-50 companies reached.
2013Lots of major improvements to jQueryMaps; Many large US federal agencies honour us with their trust.
2014Implementes GPS positioning into jQueryMaps and many other mobile-oriented features; Client base keeps growing, this year with really sophisticated projects.

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