The Influence Search Engines have on Election Results

In light of the upcoming US mid-term elections, discussions have been raised regarding the influence that search engine giants like Google have in election results. When the outcome of a switch in control of congress depends on only the difference of a few points, it is easy to see how minor details can play a major role in the ultimate outcome of events.

Candidates_SearchResultsResearch in India point to the fact that Google search results play an important role in influencing election results. The psychologist Robert Epstein has been conducting research on this specific subject and the results released this week suggest that search engines have a considerable effect on the outcome of elections, even if largely unnoticed by the users. According to Epstein, by adjusting the order and result ranking for information pertaining to a candidate, the sway in votes can be as dramatic as 12.5% Read full article from the Washington Post BlogThe Washington Post

With this in mind, online content and tools to interact with political data have become crucial components to any candidate’s campaign. Providing real-time, aesthetically pleasing content as part of an official online platform, can mark the difference for a candidate running in a close race. At jQueryMaps, we have witnessed how carefully developed political maps can convey information efficiently to users seeking answers before making a decision at the ballot box.

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