Welcome to jQueryMaps Store.

You can use the store to create and purchase your personalized mapping solutions. The product will be based on PHP and MySQL database. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email that includes a link for downloading your full project (the map engine, the map files, the database and everything needed to install and customize your map). You can view a sample map in Advanced Evaluation.

If you need a different custom map or your project requires any other mapping solutions, please visit our contact page.


Branding Policy

We offer two different license options for our mapping solutions, both of them are on 'Pay Once, Use Forever' terms, the first being a standard option, while the second one is a jQueryMaps branded option. The first option would be devoid of our logo, and would allow you to place your company's logo on the map. The second option is discounted in price and carries our logo in the bottom right corner of the map, similar to many of the examples in the showcase.

Select the branding option for your project:


You can create one or more mapping solutions below, with different levels.

Top Level
Second Level
Third Level
Fourth Level


Your map comes licensed for one production domain and one for development/staging use. All sub-domains are automatically included in the licensing. If required, additional domains can be purchased for 10% the license fee.

Support Packs

With the initial purchase of your project you are allotted two free hours of tech support either by phone or e-mail.

Add an installation support pack:

You can select a maintenance support pack. All packages are valid for one year from the time of purchase.

Add a maintenance support pack:
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