Using a Custom Admin Tool to Administer your HTML5 Map

Most projects focus on the front facing portion of the software, which in 99% of the cases is our HTML5Maps. There are some instances however, when aspects of the back end are just as crucial to the overall project as the map. One such case is the custom Admin tool that jQueryMaps created for Gametime Lacrosse. In this project, the client was seeking a solution to control several aspects of the project and monitor subscriptions and sales generated through the map. 

Admin_tier_1The map Admin tool consists of three tiers with varying levels of control. The first tier is a standard entry form in which users of the map can submit information for a new program. Programs include teams, camps and tournaments across the Country who may want to be listed on the map. This public entry page is also dynamic in that the fields change depending on the category of program selected, as information for teams is not necessarily the same as tournaments or camps. Once a program has entered the information, a confirmation email is sent to both the subscriber and the website administrator.

Custom_Admin_Tool_MapUsing the username and password selected, any program can then administer their content on the map. We refer to this access as the second tier level of the admin and it is particularly useful since programs can independently maintain their own information applying changes as necessary, thereby reducing the work of the page administrator. To preserve control of the project and overall content, all new entries need to be approved by an administrator before being published to the live map. Program information include details about the activities offered, dates in which they are provided, note descriptions and the option to upload up to 5 images.


The third and final map admin tier is designed for internal administrative tasks and management of new program entries. The most important function performed is the daily monitoring of new information that is submitted. Through a simple system of lists and filters all new information can be approved at the click of a mouse or modified as needed. This admin level also includes tools to monitor sales aspects of the page with the ability to filter by various channels, category of client and even process payment through the integration of a PayPal page.

As managing data for a project can be just as important as displaying it on the map, multi-tier map Admin tools can be developed to accompany any project. These solutions provide an excellent resource for easily interfacing with the data and allowing clients to manage their own content within the project. Contact us if you would like to learn more about how Admin tools can be added to your map software.

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