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Online Mapping: Turn-Key Mapping Service vs DIY Solutions

Do-It-Yourself mapping solutions are typically used when the project requirements are simple and there is technically minded staff available to oversee the setup and integration of the product. This may appeal in certain scenarios, but certainly does not cover all mapping projects. jQueryMaps offers complete turn-key mapping service that include support in designing, building and installing your project for minimal effort and worry. 

Why pick a headache-free turn-key mapping service? A common response is the time constraints linked to the project, where development and launch need to occur in a narrow window of time. Often clients are concerned that DIY options will result in setbacks and technical issues that delay a larger deliverable. Another common case is that technical resources, either in-house or external, are too busy maintaining other components of the project and it is preferable to have a third-party handle the full integration of the maps. Yet some of the larger considerations are the lack of support and technical assistance when mitigating hiccups with the software and data. Many DIY solutions don’t resolve bugs in the code or issues with browser compatibility that can arise when a map is deployed. 404 ErrorThere are many components to consider, among which are matching the different versions of your databases, configuring the map to align with your website design and ensuring that the integration and live launch go smoothly. In these delicate moments, it is an important reassurance to know that you have a team fully backing your project. iPhone_jQueryMaps

DIY map tools have their limitations in other areas as well. The code that you receive is designed to cover a set series of functions, but is not intended to enable more complex features. Many projects not only require viewing data, but also interacting with the information through the map. A common situation is a company that displays locations on a map, but in addition to viewing the information, they would like users to be able to use personalized filters to select specific locations to tally sales figures by product or region. jQueryMaps has unparalleled experience customizing any project to include a long number of selection tools, filters, graphs and calculation resources. This type of advanced customization is not supported in simple DIY mapping tools.

Turn-key mapping solutions also allow your software to expand with your business. If you decide to later add new cartography, setup a secondary filter, connect with a new database or add further layers to your map, the transition is painless and you never have to purchase a whole new product. This type of flexibility pays off and lends itself to finding more creative uses for your map. For larger companies this also can be extended to adapting an existing system to other departments. Along the same lines, flexibility is an asset when describing software. As industry standards shift, browsers evolve and platforms change, it is comforting to know that your mapping partner is behind you all of the way.NY Counties_Statistical info_fixed labels

In conclusion, DIY solutions have their place for simple, one-time use projects. However, companies or individuals in need of more advanced mapping solutions, with a full guarantee of support and compatibility, will benefit from turn-key mapping service. This approach works closely with experienced mapping professionals to produce an unparalleled product that can be designed, developed and installed quickly to meet any deadline. Instead of bogging down IT staff configuring hard-to-build products, rely on a turn-key mapping service to support your project. Your website will reflect the difference.

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