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How use Interactive Javascript Maps for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is growing tremendously and has become an important contributor to the US economy. There is constant innovation involved in designing and expanding facilities and many of these new initiatives can benefit for the inclusion of mapping solutions. When planning how a building is distributed for personnel, significant attention is given to the overall layout and usability of the building. However, often once the design phase has come and gone, there aren’t many tools for conveying the layout to the general public in a dynamic software. This is where jQueryMaps has a nice tool that can offer a niche solution.

The implementation is simple and the results can be spectacular. The same vector files used in the building’s AutoCAD design can be adapted to work as the backbone of the jQueryMap cartography. Each building or map object is assigned a unique ID so that the software can focus on any section of the map and make use of a rich variety of filters. The end result can be a true to life map of the interior of any hospital, accounting for all of the facility floors and even the parking garages. The different wards of the hospital can be color coded and subdivided in the navigation as needed. With a few clicks, users can intuitively find a patients location, locate wards of a hospital or easily search for a doctor or department.
Hospital Floorplan Dynamic Locator

jQueryMaps uses HTML 5 and jQuery to make a product nimble enough to work seamlessly with browsers and mobile devices alike. Imagine the simplification of offering visitors to the hospital the option of accessing an App that can direct them to their location within a large hospital. This can save countless time per visit and facilitate the movement of large numbers of people through a facility. The product comes with an option of routing through GPS that can actually guide the user from their current location to the end destination. The tracking uses algorithms to calculate the most direct route between the locations and provides a line that users can easily follow on any portable device.

If a facility includes many wards, jQueryMaps can customize a map to work with a series of personalized filters. These can vary from toggle filters with the types of services that should be shown or search tools that allow users to type in names and display the results on the map. Since the maps can connect to any database, information can be displayed dynamically for any objects or markers included in the project. This can include details regarding visiting hours for specific wards, doctor’s name and specialties, contact numbers for departments and amenity listings within the hospitals.

Combining existing graphic files, dynamic data and jQueryMaps can bring a hospital to life at the user’s fingertips.

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