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A great way to reinforce your map project, is to offer users a system of filters and displays to better interact with the data. This increases the usability of the product and the overall efficiency for quickly locating information when using our HTML5 Mapping Solutions. Filters are one of the great resources we offer here at jQueryMaps. You can find a review of our top filters below. 

The first and most common display addition to many HTML5 mapping solutions is the development of a custom results table that accompanies the map by listing the locations as text in order of importance, distance or alphabetically. The icons are still visible on the map and this tool is an interface to call the full pop-up box information from a list that adjusts on each level view.ResultsTable The results table can be presented as a single line item separated into columns or for more sophisticated projects, an accordion style design can be applied so that users can view multiple layers of information. View an example of an custom search features built for Gametime Lacrosse.

Other options for filters include text searches and drop down boxes. The most common text search is designed to input a city name and plot results on the map for locations in the surrounding area. The result of the city query can be reduced to all listings within the State or only a set number of locations, such as is the case with the project built for Alcoholics Anonymous, which by default shows the 5 closest groups to any search. Drop down boxes offer a closed query that applies in circumstances when users may not be aware of the exact search they would like to perform. Any filter combinations can be added to our HTML5 mapping solutionsHyatt_filters

Date range searches also provide a common and useful option for reducing the window of information shown on the map. The best implementation of this filter is through a start date and end date box, which when selected, respectively open a small calendar in which a specific date can be selected.


Map calendar filter, start and end-date filter

Zip Code Map searches are probably the most common filter option integrated with our solutions and a common add-on is the option to overlay a radius circle denoting the exact area included in the query. This can be a useful tool, not only for locating resources on the map, but also for defining areas. For example, in the case of the project developed for USPS one requirement was to show percentages of PO occupancy within a certain mile radius from a zip code. This is also helpful when displaying delivery zones and when targeting areas for marketing campaigns. RediusOverlay

Lastly, any custom search filters can be developed to meet the exact requirements of an HTML5 mapping solution project. These can include, special drop downs boxes, tab filters, toggle filters and much more. To learn more on how filters that enhance your project through a free 30 minute consultation.

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